Orphanages are built for children who come from families with social problems. There are also children from small towns and the countryside.

The children, from the age of 2 (!) to 16, live in two separate buildings. Every morning they go to the community's schools and they are integrated in regular classes; no one can distinguish between those from private homes and those from the orphanage. They learn in our kindergartens and schools and come "home" everyday to a clean dormitory and housemothers who wait for them. These women feed them, wash their clothes, help with homework and play with them. Each child has individual, unique needs and we try to satisfy these. Many of Odessa's residents and ex-residents (who today live in Germany, the USA, Canada and Israel) contribute to the orphanage. Thanks to them, each student receives cholarship funding that is transferred to a special account every month. This money that they are to receive after graduation is intended to help them to take their first steps in adult life. Thanks to donations from the orphanage’s friends, a gorgeous game room with computer games and an excellent library in the school were built. Donations from the Jewish community are used to give these children not only beautiful clothes and toys, but also exciting excursions.